Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ocean Diver

The boy is with his brothers friends near the ocean
the boy got dared to jump into the Water perfect from a plank he keeps trying and trying until he succeeds.


In position. I look down at the glistening water. My mind is telling me I can’t do this. What are you thinking? It’s just a dare. I look back at my brothers friends, they believe in me. So I start to put one leg out and the other. I get my arms in position looking at the sky tower. Just focus. Don’t look down.  I’m in the wrong position. I really need to prove that I’m like them. Like my Brother and his friends. I hesitate. Get into the right position nearly about to land
                  And then
                                 And then
I belly flop.

I jump out of the water hoping they didn't look,but they saw me’ “What was that?” Josh said. “That was a practice run This time I tried it again.” “Don’t belly flop this time,” Ethan teased. “ I promise it was a practice,” the boy said.

I look down. Hoping this time I succeed. “Just go,” one of the boys said. “I can’t,” I explained. I get into a diving position putting my feet together. I jump and concentrate.

I land. I proved that I’m SMOOTH and COOL
Everybody had their jaws wide open

Blue ocean | Blue ocean,


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