Monday, 11 May 2015

The Unknown soldier

To the unknown soldier👨😖

This is my blurb

The unknown soldier
In our inquiry we have learn't about all the tragic things that happened in war all the terror you had to go through so thank you for serving our country

As I write to you, I have some teardrops running down my eyes that are gonna be sent to your eyes. I wanted to write to you all about my thoughts about war. While I write to you, I am sitting in my cosy classroom with my teacher and my friends. I want you to know that you suffered for our country, And saved your loved ones and all the country. Today we remember you for all things you did in war.

How did you feel when all the dead bodies surrounded you? When you were fighting for our country to make it a better place. Lot’s of people thought war would be a holiday. Did you think like that?

I cannot imagine what it would be like carrying that heavy gun and having to say goodbye to your family also digging those trenches.I would rather stay at home being a conscientious objector but I wasn’t born in those days. Thank you for serving our country.

We have learn’t that soldiers came home with a sad soul after everything happened. The war changed everything in the soldiers lives because all the terror hit them. They just can’t get rid of all those memories.
I will never forget your memory.

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